The Faux Wisdom And Miscellany Of A Partially Filled 2012 Notebook

In 2012 I decided to start writing a haiku a day in a pocket size, faux leather bound, notebook. I quickly stopped this and did not use the notebook again until the end of the year. By then it was just random turns of phrase or odd thoughts.
Therefore these scribbled notes mean nothing or if they did once upon a time I have clearly abandoned them and so put will put them here so they may be of some use…

In Case of Emergency Please Inform: 999‘ – is what I wrote on the information page. This makes perfect sense. I have no one who could come and help. There are people nearby I know but they would not come. Therefore I must take precautions in everyday life as only those obligated would aid me and even then begrudgingly.

Friends enjoy each other
Not ‘out of sight out of mind’
Gone by Tomorrow

Narratives fill day
Staged laughter of paid actors
Hollow joy and mirth

Screaming Winds and Rains
The year coming to an end now
Depression sinks in

The assassin dead
Who will lead them from now on?
Templars will find out

Dead days of the year
From Christmas until New Year’s
A cold sombre fear

BBC Breakfast
This year’s obituaries
The final send off

There’s too much to do
The stress is corroding me
I died long ago

Narratives half heard
Always interrupted yet
See it tomorrow

Tooth deviated
No damage so no treatment
Good health yet ugly

I would if I could, but I can’t so I shan’t

They would rather lose limbs than lose face

If rules are not consistent then they are pointless

The homoeroticism of Sports:

“No, no, fair doos…he kicked a ball about a manicured field and we all worshipped him like a demigod.”

“Aye good bloke. I ____ed the corpse at the funeral.”
“Aye we all ____ed it before then. Nothing special like.”

[unknown date due to being on a scrap of paper]
Everyone is in purgatory earning release just as acting on stage is a transitional act.

A galloping gorilla.

This is not a love story. It is only a tale of romance.
“Do not lock them in that room, it shall become their tomb!”

Irony is that the superhero Ironman can afford to pay someone else to do his ironing for him so doesn’t bother himself.

Even before knowing who Daniil Kharms was I apparently had some urge to keep notebooks filled with ridiculous comments and miscellany. Admittedly this is nothing compared to his works and is the most bare bones of the note books I filled due to the long period of not using it during that year. The others, not that I have dug them out, are probably far more peculiar and eclectic… It all seems very dull to me though. These are past thoughts I discarded and only now put here as otherwise I would have posted another morose entry about how miserable life is. I am Eeyore and Marvin the Paranoid Android incarnate.


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3 thoughts on “The Faux Wisdom And Miscellany Of A Partially Filled 2012 Notebook”

  1. Oh ye cheerful soul! You know, there are non-suicidal haiku as well :> Although not many, granted. This one was my favorite in the old days when I used to read poetry (shocking, I know).

    Over a ruined temple
    where I had hoped to live
    the moon is seen now.

    Nice or what.

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    1. Only saw this comment now:

      Indeed. You are one to talk 🙂 I didn’t think they were ‘suicidal’ until I read them all together. One is about the game ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and another was when I had tooth trouble. I am aware of these haikus of which you speak though… in fact I was quite the skilled haiku writer once and have studied them. I once wrote a haiku for an English class when in year 8 (approx 13 years old) that was then envy of many. It had a line about a snow flake falling to my hand and melting. The imagery of the ephemeral nature of beauty and life was invoked. You would have wept at its beauty I am sure 😉 In ‘proper’ haikus you are meant to allude to seasons through imagery. I saw a Penguin book of Basho’s haikus recently. It was only about 50 pages long and yet cost £8! Shocking!
      In reply to your quoted haiku I retaliate with some of Basho’s as was the practise amongst the cultured:

      sleeping in the temple
      the serious-looking face
      is moon-viewing

      Among moon gazers
      at the ancient temple grounds
      not one beautiful face

      Or indeed I shall attempt my own:

      ‘Cheerful Soul’ said she
      To crack a frozen mind-set
      It will be Spring soon.

      Yes very nice.


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