Happiness Week: Monday

More exercises in positive thinking!

Today my cat sat at the top of the stairs. I go and stroke him. He accepts this for a while. He likes it. He held my arm, kicks at it with his back legs and bites down on my hand as if it were caught prey. What fun playing together we are having!

He preferred to be by himself except when he wanted to be stroked. When other people came in the house he really liked them as they spoilt him and gave him a nice soft covered cat bed. He runs around the house often and broke into my room just to snoop around. None of my books have been damaged which is great news!

It was very cold today. The skin on my knuckles has split and I cannot wear my gloves as they will only dry the skin out more. When Winter passes I will better appreciate good skin care!


I have a low burning headache which reoccurs more and more often because people think I am in the wrong. They are right because they are good people and I know they are good people because they tell me they are. If a large number of people agree about something then statisically they will usually be correct. It’s basic Utilitarian felicific calculus too – ‘The greatest good for the greatest number’. Also if you feel pain it means you are alive still and your body parts have not become necrotised. No painkillers for me then, I’m full of life!

I have no time to do anything pleasurable or to relax in the evening. Life is giving me a hard taught lesson that I need to prioritise what I do and be better at time keeping.Go on life, get in there!

Also I am learning to make shorter entries! No one likes rambling unstructured entries do they? 🙂

More happiness… Can’t you just feel it smothering you with its relentless optimism?

Here’s a song by David Sylvian called ‘For The Love Of Life’.


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