Kopparberg Premium Cider with Mixed Fruit

Alc. 4.0% 500ml bottle

Kopparburgs Bryggeri est. 1882
Genuine Swedish Apple Cider with a taste of Raspberry & blackcurrant


Fruity taste. Comes in a brown glass bottle with Kopparberg embossed on it in the surface of the glass. Reminds me of that ‘soft drink for adults’ Shloer. Mellow yet with a sharply accented aftertaste. Definitely a play of berry flavours upon the palate. What does that mean? Its got that same sort of carbonated soda water taste as Appletiser drinks and tastes like you expect ie raspberries and blackcurrant (but sounds more learned than just saying it as it is because I don’t know what to say really for some of this ‘just to keep the blog updating regularly’ throw away food and drink posts). Quite fizzy… if anything a bit more than it should do as though the carbonation process is similar to mineral water rather than the big brand soft drinks. It has a deep pink colour when poured out. There is enough for about two and a half highball glasses in each bottle.

I would order this if I saw it on a menu although it is more of a summer drink.

… and now the stuff it says on the bottle.


Premium Cider Kopparberg

Sweden’s original cider brand; made in our family owned brewery in Kopparberg town in the heart of the country. The juice of blackcurrant and raspberries are added to our apple cider to deliver a truly unique, fruity taste, rich in colour and refreshing down to the last drop. We hope you enjoy this very special cider as much as we did making it for you! Skal! (Cheers!)

2 UK Units

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500ml 4.0% vol.


UK Chief Medical Officers recommend men do not regularly  Exceed 3-4 units daily and women, 2-3 units daily


Kopparburgs Bryggeri est. 1882

Kopparberg Brewery
714 82 Kopparberg Town, Sweden.

Consumer Contact: +46 (0)580 886 02

Contains sulphites to preserve freshness.


I will review…. something more interesting on the weekend.


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