YouTube Drama

It has been quite odd recently to go on YouTube and find the front page dominated by the gossiping of quite prominent vloggers and content creators speaking so openly about how the site ‘has changed’ yet not actually discussing how.

You assume they mean the whole issue regarding the automated copyright claims system being abused – maybe that was the case once but not anymore.

That issue has been raised and duly noted though nothing has changed because people are either ill-informed or not aware of the greater picture and how powerless even YouTube are to effect change to the current circumstances due to the laws that govern them.

You guess maybe there is something occurring behind the scenes only content creators that YouTube get a lot of monetisation from have been made aware of – yet again this is not the case.

No one is a whistleblower here.

It comes across that it is not the system that is being criticised, nor the people who have abused that system who are being called to account – but in fact some oddly personal squabble between people where everyone says there are people causing trouble but no one is willing to give names.

It is like being in school again.

The ‘popular kids’ set the tone for everyone. One of the cool kids stood up to a teacher, or other authority figure, and every congratulates them. A new legend has been born and tales of their adventure will be passed down through the generations becoming more and more mythologised with every telling.

It is a time of cornucopia and grand rejoicing. People speak loudly in class and laughter echoes through the halls. The days are golden and everyone is a family. The future is bright, the future is Orange.

The cool kids have had a falling out and make their mutual friends feel they have to pick sides or speak to neither in order to ‘give them their space’. “They’ve changed” each party says but don’t explain how. Everyone gossips and ‘knows’ that ‘someone’ did ‘something’ but no one is certain what. However they did get told by someone they trust and that person got told by someone that person trusts. It is Chinese whispers and whatever the real issue was at the beginning gets blown out of proportion or so warped that it becomes something far different than in the initial telling. When and if people find out the truth it seems so miniscule in comparison that people become offended by the fluster that was made of it.

The skies are grey across the horizon. The tone across the school is sombre, as if some golden age has passed and en masse we must mourn it not even knowing the facts of the events. A misunderstanding has been mythologised and is now treated as some myriad of truths composed by people’s perceptions painting the landscape and the people.The huddled masses trudge on to an uncertain future.

I go to YouTube and just wanted to see fun content, learn something new or get someones insight on an issue. Not get drawn into the juvenile quarrelling of people I do not know, will never meet and have little if any investment in save the few minutes a day I might have afforded them to consume their content. I owe them nothing and they owe me nothing in return.

Except common courtesy.

I, for my part, to not mockingly troll them and undermine their pioneering efforts on this new medium to express themselves. They, for their part, to not scaremonger and slander in order to impress that evil is afoot when it is only a minor indiscretion. Leave that to the politicians and tabloids.

They got a taste of their influential power and became drunk on it. Like teenagers they, on this infant medium still learning how to function in the world, haven’t yet learned to pace themselves and so inevitably do foolish things that will hurt them if not now then in later years.

Some already look back at their old videos and, like people looking in an old photo album, realise their mistakes, mature having learned from the experience and move on. They leave the video up as a warning to others of rashactions and as guidance to show what not to do.

Some cannot suffer the indignity of a bruised ego and so press on irrespective. Their self-righteous indignation spurring them on that their opinion is the one true reality and they will retain their position of authority in people’s views with their indiscretion forgotten. But it never really is. Even if they set it to private or delete the video.

Discuss, do not preach.

Over a month and no new post so I will just add my two cents on what seems like a really silly ‘event’ on YouTube. People gossiping and slandering others with no real goal in mind. They parrot each other and add nothing new to the discussion. It’s a playground of recidivism where those looking to gain more garanteed views contribute and the vicious circle continues until it is worn out and replaced by the next ‘big’ issue we are presented with.

Comment, Like, Follow. Whatever.

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