Whose Boo Is Whose? by X. J. Kennedy

Two ghosts I know once traded heads

And shrieked and shook their sheets to shreds –

‘You’re me!’ yelled one, ‘and me, I’m you!

Now who can boo the loudest boo?’


‘Me!’ cried the other, and for proof

He booed a boo that scared the roof

Right off our house. The TV set

Jumped higher than a jumbo jet.


The first ghost snickered. ‘Why, you creep,

Call that a boo? That feeble beep?

Hear this!’ – and sucking in a blast

Of wind, he puffed his sheet so vast


And booed so hard, a passing goose

Lost all its down. The moon shook loose

And fell and smashed to smithereens –

Stars scattered like spilled jellybeans.


‘How’s that for booing, boy? I win,’

Said one. The other scratched a chin

Where only bone was – ‘Win or lose?

How can we tell whose boo is whose?’


by X J Kennedy

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Russian or Welsh poetry uploaded every Sunday. Reviews of literature, films, theatre, food and drink. Rambling accounts or reviews of various topics. Any support or engagement is appreciated.

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