About Me

Location: Bridgend, South Wales, UK

Writing about a few topics. Updating at least once a week though I don’t take much care about editting the entries. The catagories will usually be seperated into the following:

Vignette: Brief stories usually written but not editted to tighten up the language and grammar.

Movie Review/Commentary/Observations: Films I have seen online, DVD or on television. These will sometimes contain running commentaries of the film but usually done done during the first viewing so names of characters may not be remembered and so they get nicknamed.

Literature: These will usually be reviews of short stories.

Languages: Usually not on its own but in connection with other catagories.

Wales/Welsh: My homeland and language. Usually not on its own and commenting on Welsh society.

Russian: I try to learn Russian when I can. This will usually be connected with the literature catagory or movies.

Food: Reviews of snack foods I buy and try out of curiosity.

Christmas: Once a year during December may do Posts about this.

A passage from the Ripley Scroll:

In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable
When all his feathers be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable
Understand now well and right
And thank you God of this sight

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.


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