Clover McBeeze by Doug Macleod

Clover McBeeze had yawning disease

Which troubled her morning and night.

With hardly a warning, her mouth would start yawning

Unless she had bandaged it tight.


One day in October the Queen asked her over

For afternoon tea on the lawn,

So, Clover came round with her mouth tightly bound

And a facial expression forlorn.


‘Please take off your bandage and try a ham sandwich!’

Her Majesty said with a smile,

So, Clover obeyed and directly displayed

Her mouth hanging open a mile.


The Queen looked distressed at the sight of her guest

Struck down by the yawning disease,

Her mouth was so wide, seven dogs jumped inside:

A corgi and six pekinese.


Now, poor little Clover is rarely asked over

To parties or walks in the park –

She sits all alone by the dusty old phone

Where she weeps and she yawns and she barks.


by Doug Macleod