The Platypus Said… by Julie Holder

Dishonest am I

And here is the proof:

I can only lie

And that is the truth.


by Julie Holder

I Saw by Julie Holder

Saw a hedgehog shaving,

Saw an old man in his teens,

Saw a camel spit in a needle’s eye,

Saw a nightmare have sweet dreams,

Heard an elephant whistling,

Saw a worm hold back the tide,

Could have been knocked by a feather,

But nobody tried.


by Julie Holder

In A High Street Cafe by Julie Holder

Once upon a dinner time

Whilst baked beans sang cantatas,

Two sausages got married

And invented chipolatas.

by Julie Holder

Stalking A Story by Julie Holder

Down near the jungle

From whence we get our zoos,

Cub reporters are a-hunting

Good gnus

Bad gnus.

by Julie Holder