Isabella McSpeet by Michael Dugan

Isabella McSpeet

had very flat feet

which caused her enormous regret.

So her toes and her heels

she fitted with wheels

and propelled herself with a jet.

by Michael Dugan

Millicent Millicheap by Cyril Fletcher

Hear of Millicent Millicheap

Who gnawed her knickers in her sleep,

When she dozed off in a bus

It caused a most unusual fuss.

by Cyril Fletcher

Llewelyn Peter James Maguire by Cyril Fletcher

Llewelyn Peter James Maguire,

Touched a live electrical wire;

Back on his heels it sent him rocking –

His language (like the wire) was quite shocking.


by Cyril Fletcher

Uncle by Harry Graham

Uncle, whose inventive brains

Kept evolving aeroplanes,

Fell from an enormous height

On my garden lawn, last night.

Flying is a fatal sport,

Uncle wrecked the tennis court.

by Harry Graham

There Was A Young Lady From Ickenham by Anon

There was a young lady from Ickenham

Who went on a bus-trip to Twickenham.

She drank too much beer,

Which made her feel queer,

So she took off her boot and was sick-in-’em.

by Anon.