Isabella McSpeet by Michael Dugan

Isabella McSpeet

had very flat feet

which caused her enormous regret.

So her toes and her heels

she fitted with wheels

and propelled herself with a jet.

by Michael Dugan

Millicent Millicheap by Cyril Fletcher

Hear of Millicent Millicheap

Who gnawed her knickers in her sleep,

When she dozed off in a bus

It caused a most unusual fuss.

by Cyril Fletcher

Llewelyn Peter James Maguire by Cyril Fletcher

Llewelyn Peter James Maguire,

Touched a live electrical wire;

Back on his heels it sent him rocking –

His language (like the wire) was quite shocking.


by Cyril Fletcher

There Was A Young Lady From Ickenham by Anon

There was a young lady from Ickenham

Who went on a bus-trip to Twickenham.

She drank too much beer,

Which made her feel queer,

So she took off her boot and was sick-in-’em.

by Anon.

I Sat Next To The Duchess At Tea by Anon

I sat next to the duchess at tea.

It was just as I feared it would be.

Her rumblings abdominal

Were simply phenomenal

And everyone thought it was me!

by Anon.