Alf Abets by Rony Robinson

Eighteen apples

Be like me

See if you can

Deep blue sea.

Easy does it

Every time

Jeannie likes me

Ain’t you mine.

I eyed Ivor

Jays can fly

Kay’s a singer

Elephants cry.

Emma’s empty


Owners only

Peas, please pay

Queue less quickly

Aren’t you nice

Especially Sarah

Teach her twice.

You’ll know better


What a whopper

Ex-wife sees.



Ain’t you coming

Beans for tea

Seems quite pleasant

Dean can’t see.

Emus rattle

If they die

Jeans are shrinking

Hate your tie.

I’m an eyeful

Jacob’s knot.

Cake’s for eating

Elton’s hot.

Empty bottles

Any time

Opening over

Peace in our time.

Cumin powder

Artist’s nose

Esther argues

Tease her toes.


Veal ham pie

Double youth club

Extra wise.


by Rony Robinson

We Didn’t Know What To Do by Rony Robinson

When Nanny fell into the freezer

We didn’t know what to do.

(Would you?)

We heard her shout

As the lid slammed shut,

And her leg stuck out

(We could see her foot).

We heard, from inside, a kind of cough.

We wondered about turning the electric off.

But we were watching Nanny’s TV,

And she’d just made us a rather nice tea.

When Nanny fell into the freezer

We didn’t know what to do.

(Would you?)

(Pull at her shoe?)

We didn’t know whether to ring the doctor

Or to call the vet.

When Nanny fell into the freezer –

We think she’s still there yet.


by Rony Robinson