A Whale Of A Tea-Time by Carey Blyton

Algernon Snail

Caught a very fine whale

And took it indoors for his tea;

But the end of this tale

Is the whale ate the snail –

So the whale took the snail in for tea.

by Carey Blyton

Whale by Christopher Isherwood

He’s trying desperately, this whale,

To put his head beneath his tail.

He’s frightened because someone’s told

Him that his stomach’s turning to gold –

And as you know, with whales and weasels,

When one turns gold, he’s got the measles.

As a matter of fact, our friend has not.

He’s only slipped on a treacle-pot

Dropped from the deck of a submarine

By the cabin-boy, who was feeling green.


by Christopher Isherwood