Walk Around The Wales Coastal Path

I would like to one day walk the entire Wales Coastal Path route and see all its historical sites. If I could do so all in one go over a number of days, without having to go home and then ‘pick up’ as a designated check point, it would be the experience of a lifetime.



What would I need for this? I am not 100% sure. I would think the following:

  • A fold away green poncho. I would wear this when it was raining or as a wind breaker.
  • A scarf for warmth or to use as a makeshift sling if need be.
  • A wide brimmed hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.
  • A full length, light weight, waterproof coat to deal with the Welsh weather.
  • A fleece for heat retention if the wind chill increases.
  • Hard wearing jeans – but comfortable clothing really is the key.
  • Suitable walking shoes or boots.
  • A flask with water to drink so I do not become dehydrated. Another small flash with something a bit stronger in it too.
  • Snacks – likely peanuts and biscuits for their high fat content to keep my energy levels up.
  • A first aid kit with the various necessities and maybe also a small book about common issues and how to patch them up until I can get medical aid.
  • A working mobile phone fully charged. Although no one would want to contact me so it would make no difference.
  • Change in order to use pay phones should the mobile phone fail. Some money nonetheless for food etc.
  • Perhaps a book or working knowledge of stop gaps where I can rest, possibly sleep safely and get food and drink. Not a map. Those restrict you and the coastal walk is basically ‘walk along the shoreline’ so it would be hard to get lost. If it became boring I just may set off in another direction entirely…
  • A sturdy backpack in which to carry these items.
  • A good camera to take photos on my journeys. Memories are important.


I have most of these items ready and waiting already on a chair in the living room except the backpack, first aid kit (except plasters/band aids) and knowledge of the route. I just may set off in another direction entirely anyway… Adventure awaits!

I guess what I am saying is that at heart, without realising it before, I have always been Snufkin from the Moomins. Snufkin is also known in the original Swedish version as Snusmumrik[en] or Mumrik[en] and in Finnish as Nuuskamuikkunen or Muikkunen. When my hair grows too long it begins to look like his and I did learn to play the harmonica too a few years ago. I don’t place much importance on possessions (except books) and would rather not have a set goal in my travels but just go wandering wherever life took me though I would return to certain places seasonally. I suppose that is what is important – having somewhere to return to where people will welcome you no matter how long you spend apart. Snufkin wandered but he always came back to Moomin Valley eventually.

On a side note this song from the 1972 version makes Snukfin sound like a Wild West badass… Like ‘The Man With No Name’ wandering into a desolate town.

This isn’t a serious post… I just considered the matter and realised it. I like the concept of being a wanderer. It’s a romantic notion but the reality is a far harsher matter altogether. This following song I always enjoyed though obviously it is taken out of context here. It is one of my all-time favourite songs.

Bonus points if you realised the connection of Clint Eastwood who played the ‘Man With No Name’ and who starred alongside Lee Marvin, who sang ‘I Was Born Under A Wandering Star’, in ‘Paint Your Wagon’! Although I don’t say it at the end of every post, I assure you, comments and likes are always welcome. If you would like to follow me that would also be welcome obviously!

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2 thoughts on “Walk Around The Wales Coastal Path”

  1. Hi, I am thinking of doing the coast path walk too. Did you ever get around to doing it? I originally started planning a walk around Wales backpacking, and planned to try and stick to the coastline as much as possible. Then, while researching, I discovered this coastal path. Let me know if you are still planning to do it, or if you did do it and have any advice for me because this is the first time I am doing anything like this. I am in the Vale of Glamorgan South Wales, so will be starting near Cardiff Airport and I plan to make my way West past the Gower and Camarthen, then follow the coast North. I still have some preparation but I am doing it this year. I hope to be ready around the end of March / beginning of April.

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    1. Hi Ben, I did some parts of it in the south but not the whole thing. The coastal path is pretty easy going for the most part but there is limited cover so you will be exposed to the elements a lot of the time once away from urban areas. Are you doing it on your own or with others? If not make sure someone knows your route and, if you have scheduled it out, where along the route you’ll be at certain points.

      In short your doing the right thing getting a prepared as best you can. Familiarise yourself with the route, make sure you have some basic supplies (water, snacks for energy, medical items just in case) and make sure you are dressed appropriately. Make a note of key locations and contact details of organisations along the route in case, in the worse scenario, you need aid. I’m sure you’re checking out as many people’s experiences of the route so hopefully are getting a good picture of what it’s like.

      Ensure you cover the basics – standard stuff you probably already are doing as part of your prep e.g. familiarising yourself with the route ( if you’ve the chance to visit a few points along it ahead of time that will be good as many areas have limited cover if you’re caught out in bad weather so you’ll know if to press on or bunker down). Particularly any stopping points (so you know the distances between them in real terms not just as the crow flies) or locations to get aid if you need it. The basics such as comfortable shoes, snacks for energy and a few basic medical supplies just in case (plasters etc. as you can wash out any cuts with the water you’ll be taking). If you’re taking a phone for GPS/pedometer, etc. uses maybe, as a precaution, having one of those power banks for extra charge. Also consider putting some numbers in your phone of local aid organisations along the route – again just as a precaution though I doubt you’ll need them. As you said you’re doing your research and so that’s going to help you know what you’ll face along the way. Have some cash on you, including coins, in case you need it when stopping at points along the way. Admittedly I sound overly cautious but people do get caught out because they think the route they’re on seems relatively easygoing – just look at how many people under prepare for walking up Snowden for example.

      Probably the one issue will be how variable the weather is (especially as you’ll be exposed to it a lot along parts of the coastal route) so prepare yourself with hard-wearing but light weight (if possible) versatile clothing. In my experience the weather can turn in an instance – especially the time of year you’ll be doing it. It could be torrential downpour one moment or like a cloudless summer day a few hours later. We have just had some stormy weather the past few days with strong gale force winds and so, closer to the time you set off, you’ll need to assess what you’ll be wearing. Solid, yet comfortable, footwear is an obvious one. The key thing is to keep your feet dry so extra socks in a waterproof/zip lock bag might be a good idea just in case you get caught in a heavy downpour. Dressing for warmth, waterproofing, wind-proofing, etc is key but of course you want to keep it light. I had a light fleece and waterproof jacket myself so the fleece could be removed easily. Ultimately that won’t be too much weight but overtime it’ll be noticeable depending how how frequent you have breaks along the way.

      I’ll stop there are that covers a few general preparation points. Anything else you want to discuss feel free to ask 🙂


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